Cebu Airport Car Services

Pictures were taken on New Year’s Day.

There are car service companies on stand-by at the airport.  There are also yellow airport taxis and white (regular) city taxis.

Arriving passengers will be approached by car service attendants and drivers offering transportation services.   Guards may also ask if you need a car.

Approximate costs for a one-way trip from Mactan International Airport to Cebu City (and vice versa) are as follows:

  • Taxi (white) / City Taxis – 188 to 260 pesos [metered] variable; you have to hunt for these a little since (below) are given preferential treatment.
  • Taxi (yellow) / Airport Taxis – 360-520 pesos [metered] variable
  • Car Services / Vehicle-for-Hire / Rent-a-Car – 500 to 650 pesos [fixed]
  • Minivan – 625 to 910 pesos [fixed]
  • Vans – 1000 to 1300+ [fixed]

Please be advised that if the traffic is very bad, you may regret taking taxis instead of a car service.

The white taxis are (not) hard to find, just not as conveniently located.  Follow the signs or ask the guards or the airport staff where they are located.  If they try to convince you to use yellow taxi or car service, just be patient (since everyone wants to get a commission).

Cars and taxis can accommodate up to 4 people, depending on the amount of luggage.  Minivans generally can sit up to 6 comfortably, again depending on the amount of luggage.  Up to 12 can fit in a van.  Luggage may or may not allow the maximum number of passengers.

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