Mobile Broadband Sticks (in Cebu, Philippines)

Many hotels advertise free WiFi, and most of these have (ridiculously) slow (free) WiFi, which is only good if you’re feeling nostalgic for the good old days of dial-up internet.

Thus, whether you’re a domestic or international traveler, we have to recommend that you get your own WiFi stick.

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    1. If your device can’t use a usb wifi stick, there are portable wifi hotspots (which more than one person can use at a time, usually up to 5 persons can connect simultaneously).

      They are fatter than the usb sticks. Globe calls them “supersticks” while Smart calls them “pocket wifis”. Sun Cellular also has such a device. They are 3-4 times more expensive then the usb wifi sticks.

  1. Dear Sir, thank you so very much for your informative website…as a future visitor…can you please confirm that the prices and preloads as stated …are for either netbook/laptop and/or cp phone ..I would be very gratefull for a brief reply …thanking you …Mr.D.Sawyer…

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